Monday, July 16, 2018

July Update

Yes, July is here, and so is the summer's main nectar flow. The bees are, as always, working hard to forage and make honey. We have been researching and turning ideas over to find what we can do better now and each season. 

This season, we have two hives, the first one being very strong. It has the best temperament of any hive we've had. The queen has an excellent brood pattern and the colony has been steadily growing.

This  brings our first attempt at a split, making two hives out of one. Mr. Bee built a great nuc box and we filled it with several frames of eggs and bees from the strong hive, leaving the queen with the original colony.

The plan is to relocate the nuc box so that the bees inside make a new queen for themselves out of the eggs we provided. We did move the box and have been waiting to see if this has been successful and what the next step will be.

The second hive had a very poor start. Their temperament has been bad their brood pattern has been very poor.

We are at a decision point with them, too. By the next post, we will have a better idea how the hives will fare.

For now, I would like to share these photos, too. Here is some lovely orange pollen,

...and here is a shot of the bees, some outside the hives on a hot summer evening.

While we research and plan for what to do next with the bees, we have been spending lots of time outside of our "hive," too. Mr. Bee and I have been working around the house as well as finding time for fishing and other hobbies. Here is a photo of my first smallmouth bass caught on the fly rod and a bee plate I made:

Little Miss and Little Mr. have been enjoying all things summer and we have all been enjoying time with our puppy.

I hope you are getting some time to enjoy the outdoors, too. Until next time!