Friday, June 14, 2013

High Hopes

We're in the throngs of end-of-the-year activities for our kids... Miss Bee is graduating and celebrating, Little Miss Bee had her first-ever dance recital and wants to be continually outside, and Little Mr. Bee is now crawling... yikes!

If all of these things weren't reason enough to have beautiful memories and hopes for the future, we're really rooting for our honey bees.

There is evidence of spring (finally) everywhere.  By the time I'm posting this, the maples have already let their seeds to the wind.

Mr. Bee's new feeders have been working great, as you can see below.  Although it's still been quite rainy, the sunny days here and there mean the bees have to get their numbers up.  High numbers mean more workers, which means more pollen, nectar, and honey to help them survive the winter.

I apologize that the following photo is blurry.  Maybe you can pretend there's some mystical sort of filter on the lens to make it all look magical...  In reality, it's just taken with a shorter lens and cropped so you can see this bee, legs loaded with pollen!
We're going to add the next level of deep supers (the boxes on the hive) to the hives this week so the bees can start capping up some honey for the winter.  They sure have a lot of work to do!  In the meantime, we'll be enjoying the Minnesota summer.  I look forward to getting you an update soon.

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