Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wildflowers and Special Memories

We've had a beautiful week of summer. I haven't been personally out to see our bees in weeks, so it was a wonderful surprise to see the amount of wildflowers that have sprung up in front of our hives. It was a great choice on the part of Mr. T to stop mowing that area - in part so he doesn't get "anyone" - namely, the bees - upset, but also because it's particularly beautiful these days!
Don't these hives seem comfortable here?

The hives are looking great and are our girls are busy working on filling up the second deep supers that we provided.  I think we'll be ready for our first honey supers this next week!

This next photo shows some new comb, being "drawn out." They built a little cell small enough to squeeze into and deep enough to hold brood, honey, pollen, or nectar.

This photo is interesting to me because I feel like my eyes find the comb first - and the stinger on that bee!  Isn't this honey-white comb beautiful?

We had to scrape some comb off of the bottom of a frame and I saw this later stage of the larvae for the first time. In this stage, the bees put a cap over the cell for the final part of development. ...Sort of creepy and very cool!

"Bee Space" - They don't need much!

It was a great inspection and the bees were in a good mood. They do have a lot to be busy with these days and we're getting a bit more efficient at inspection each time we do it.

Miss Bee got to meet our bees for the first time, and we did try to persuade her to become a beekeeper.  She was brave around the "girls" - just as we expected, and we found a little bit of honey for her to taste.

I am so proud of our Bee Family and it was a simply lovely time together.

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