Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good News

It was a beautiful day here today...AND we have a laying queen again in our North Hive!

We know this because we saw plenty of eggs and larvae...and we saw her!
She's the queen we purchased at the County Fair and she's marked with red. Can you find her?

She moved over a little in his one, but Mr. Bee will help you this time.

Here's a frame with capped honey from our South Hive. They're doing great.
Today we put another honey super on that South Hive, so we're thinking they have a good chance to make it through the winter.

Driving out in the country lets us see just how quickly the season is about to change.  There are hints of yellow and deep autumn red appearing everywhere. While Mr. Bee was adding the honey super, the kiddos and I found this neat plant.  I'm not sure what it's called - let me know if you do - but it looks like a bunch of tiny windows.  It was a beautiful way to catch the sunlight on a quiet, summery morning.
We are excited to know the bees accepted the queen and that they have a better shot at surviving the winter. Though we are working towards that for our bees, we are also working to enjoy the last weeks of summer before we really have to think about winter too much.

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