Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Second Boxes

We had a calm and restful Memorial Day weekend and hope you did, too. On Sunday, we all went out to see the bees. 

Mr. Bee was very pleased with how all of the hives looked.  Each one was ready for the next super, which means the number of bees is growing. You can see, below, a fresh super on top of the first hive. It's filled with empty frames and will soon be filled with comb and bees!

Before the supers went on, though, Mr. Bee did a lot of housekeeping...well, "hive-keeping".

Here you can see that where bees have extra space, they build comb! This is what Mr. Bee had to clean off, and he found that he needed to adjust the measurements for the boards that hold the feeders.

My favorite photo so far this year...

...and a peek at the pollen our girls have been storing, yellow, deep orange, and green.

Mr. T came out for a visit and stood to the side.  If you're ever near a hive, you'll want to leave space for the working bees to come and go from the hive entrance. We are so thankful to Mr. T, for his support and especially for letting us keep all of these busy creatures on his land.

It's nice to see the bees are busy and that their numbers are growing.  We are full of concern for them, much like last year, but I think we're staying on top of things. The bees are busy, so I'm looking forward to updating you again soon with what they've been up to.

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