Monday, June 23, 2014

A Vacation Visitor and Back at Home

Mr. Bee and I were in Hawaii, on Oahu last week. While I was having my coffee on Waikiki Beach one morning, an unlikely visitor stopped on my towel for a few minutes... a honeybee!  This was very exciting for me.

Here's proof that the bee and I were both on the beach:

Bees do like blue and purple flowers a lot, so maybe that's why she chose that part of my towel.

Back at home now, the kids are enjoying every little part of the outdoors.

Mr. Bee added the rest of the frames to the top box of each hive.  The first hive is doing especially well, just as they have been from the start. The other hives are doing well, too, so we're really happy with the start of the season. One of the biggest changes we've made since last year is that we have been using wood frames. The bees are very happy with them.

Here is one of the more new frames from that first hive:
You can see some fresh comb.

Here is a busy hive entrance.  I wish I could show you how fast they are going in and out! The left-most bee has a nice nugget of pollen on her hind legs.

Finally, you can see our hives here...actually, no, you can't!  The plant life is so abundant this year, and we've had so much rain to help it grow quickly that our hives are well-hidden, even from Mr. T's driveway.  I hope to get some wildflower photos for you in the next week.