Friday, March 27, 2015

Way to Go, Girls!

Welcome to another beekeeping season!

This photo may not look like much, but we're really excited about it. Our hive has made it through the winter! least so far. Will this cold weather ever go away?

See that happy beekeeper above? Mr. Bee was listening to their familiar hum. Once the weather warms a bit more, we'll start feeding these bees some sugar syrup until there is plenty of pollen and nectar available outside.

We have also placed an order for two more packages of Italian honeybees, to arrive (hopefully) in late April. That will make three hives total.  For one of those hives, we're going to try a different hive style, called a top bar hive.  I'm looking forward to sharing more about this we have everything ready and I can get some photos.

I'm looking forward to seeing if Little Miss Bee will try on her suit this year and join us aside the hive.  In the meantime, look how Little Mr. Bee is handling the cold weather:

I thought I'd also share this "outtake" with you: If you stick your finger right in the hive opening, I guess it works to make sure the bees are still protecting the hive. I wish I could have taken an action shot of Mr. Bee jumping away when the guard bee came out.

More updates will follow shortly.  Cross your fingers with us for warmer weather!

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