Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Looking Good

We did a big inspection over Memorial Day weekend: the hives are looking strong so far.  We can see that each has a laying queen and is collecting pollen and nectar.  It will be a little while until the "honey flow" starts - when the bees are rapidly build up honey stores and nectar is highly available.

Quickly, here are some photos from the time, starting with brave Mr. Bee trimming the grass in front of the hives:

The Top Bar hive is looking really good (below) and we added some frames so they have more space to work.

Below, you can see some capped honeycomb as well as some cells full of glistening nectar.

You can also get a look at some larvae, in the stage before the cell is capped to allow for the rest of the growth:

I love this - some comb absolutely packed with pollen!

And here you can see the honeybee's main sources of food - pollen and nectar. The pollen is speckled and has different colors because of the different plants it is coming from.  On the very left, you can even see one of the girls with bright golden pollen nuggets still on her legs.

In the next photo, you'll see what we call capped brood. Each of these cells contains a honeybee in it's stage of growth. The hive will need every single one!

 Another update will be on the way soon!

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