Monday, January 23, 2017

How We Began Beekeeping

I'm thinking back to the day before we got our very first packages of bees, that excitement, and this photo from 2013.

Many people ask us how we got into beekeeping. You know how we sometimes talk about things we'll do "someday when we're old"? Places we will go, hobbies we thnk we will have time for, or - if you are like me - plants we will own. Well, beekeeping was one of those things for us. We talked about how neat it would be and how much we would love it. When Mr. T, a family friend on whose land we currently have our bees, bought his home, I casually said, "Let us know if you ever want bees on your land." Immediately, he said, "I do want bees here."

We spent that winter reading and researching as much as we could and Mr. T introduced us to Mr. Martin, who would become our beekeeping mentor and friend. That very next spring, there we were - first time and lifelong beekeepers.

Many people don't know this, but beeks (short for beekeepers) around here are already planning for the spring and are ordering their bees and supplies for the year ahead. We, ourselves, are finalizing our own plans and getting ready to make our orders. We are weighing the possible outcomes of our current hive and what we hope to accomplish this year.

The same excitement we had our first year of keeping bees returns every time we get ready for the next season, and for me, it is already here. I can't wait to be in that sunny weather, in my bee suit and surrounded by bees.

Moreover, I am happy to be reminded of the lesson we started learning that year. We were wrong about doing it only when we got older, but we were right about how neat it would be and how much we love it. Time is going so quickly. Why wait to get a start on the things you dream of doing "someday"?

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